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Shargh sanat, the manufacturer of automatic packaging machine is founded back in 1985 as an industrial from designer and producer car spaer parts. in order to achieve his goals,and with the suitable investment it had bought NC &CNC machinery equipped with advanced technology from european countries . Then on by accession to the advanced machineries and up to date technology of the world ,the company took the ability desiging and producing modern machinery of packaging that occupied by professional and efficient workers that working in different parts: Such as : engineering , designing , production , assembly , R&D ,quality control , & ... this make us one of the great industrial and successful company in this field. After completion the designing, plan of the fragments will program according to the CNC machines language by that can software and then will be available to theoperator it may concern.We are distributed a wide range of our products to more than 300 dairy products companiesin the world .A team of accredite,professional and experienced engineers,who is that use 3-D CAD/CAM modelling. we can provide cost effective packaging solution in the all sector. We believe in working with our customers at every step from project through the installationand after ,training sales support.


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Sharghsanat Industries
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