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up sterilisation using H2O2  and hot sterile air

Sterile air treatment , H2O2 treatment and all the necessary valves and lines are situated in a sterile module next to the machine .The cups passing through it are subjected to sterile air enriched with H2O2  and then finally dried with hot sterile air. In this way , especially mould spores can be adequately killed off or inactivated.

foil strilisation ways:

clean air cabinet

The combination of a clean  air cabinet (Laminar Flow) with the specified filter classes and packaging sterilisation adds  up to a self-contained clean 

room which is particulary suitable for the following operating conditions :

  Use of packaging material contaminated with germs.

  Use in rooms where the air is contaminated by mould or other airborne germs.

  Use in rooms with low ceilings and a high air  circulation rate

  Use in areas where traffic passes through (forklift trucks, transport of goods )

Foil sterilisation

   UVC  medium - pressure   lamps of   the   latest  design 

   Lamp housing with cooling fan

   Control unit for controlling the radiation intensity

The foil is  irradiated  with UV light . In this  way ,   especially mould spores are adequately inactivated.


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