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The Shargh Sanat‘s OLC Series is designed for filling from liquid to viscous products.These machines are available for Uf and cream cheese and ice cream .

All parts in contact with the products as well as   support frame are made from stainless steel and  anodized aluminium materials.

The OLC machines are four types(P,G,R,I) Piston(p) type is for liquid to viscous and Gravity(G) type is for liquid and semi-liquid.Rotary valve (R) is for cheese and (I) type is special for ice cream .

 Machine’s capacitis are up to 10.000 cup/hour.The electrical parts are mounted in a stainless cabinet attached to the machine.

Operation of the machine is controlled via  PLC and a touch screen control panel with a display showing all relevant data.

The Machine is as standard equipped with a volumetric dosing device for accurate dosing of liquid and semi-liquid products Adjustment of the filling volume take place from the touch screen panel . The sealing temprature,sealing time and the speed of the machine are controlled from the control panel,which is also  provided with a digital screen for upgration data as well as fault indications .


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