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The Shargh Sanat RC Series is easy to operate The construction is based on field proven technology. All product contacted parts are made of stainless steel & Clean In Place(CIP)in this mchines is easy &possible.In this series step by step of motion gear to cause driving rotary table. Furthermore the optimized rate of motion of the gear guarantees enough time for each working cycle and the careful treatment of the filling product,the cup and lid material.The machine is enquipped with a PLC Control all functions are shown on the display in clear text.

Stages of packing: Cup dispenser:the cup are dispensed by special by special separator and are placed in the cup ring by vacuum. Cup control:the cups are controlled by an optical sensor. Level contrl:a level probe in the hopper controls the filling level and the operation (start/stop) of the product filling pump3 probes are maximum, minimum and hopper empty . Filling : this machine automatically realized that which cavity have cup and when the cup is and the sensor is filling ststion automaticlly is run and operator can be set suction&injection speed from OP panel. Seal lid station: the seal lids are dispense d from the lid magazine by vacum and the lids are placed exactly on the cups.


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